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Need Book Hotel

Ifan  •  Messages: 1  •  Years on forum: 6.4 08:11 PM 11/06/2017
please pm your detail offer and the payment

wizard22  •  Messages: 5  •  Years on forum: 10.0 04:36 PM 04/14/2019
I can book all your hotels for you so contact me via pm.Thank you

tinfever  •  Messages: 1  •  Years on forum: 4.6 12:06 AM 05/07/2019
I'm not the OP but I'm also looking for a booking for a 100k IHG points stay. Payment via PayPal only. Anyone interested is welcome to reply or PM me.

I've tried looking everywhere for a place where people buy and sell hotel points and there doesn't seem to be much out there. Lots of brokers will buy but I haven't found any that sell. Urwex has some listings but few people reply.

WB  •  Messages: 8  •  Years on forum: 4.1 05:52 PM 11/05/2019
I have marriott and hyatt if need be .

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