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Legal notice

Welcome to the website. This Website is provided solely to assist customers in booking hotels, gathering travel-related information, and engaging in interactive forum.

Scope of services

Through the website TripMakler and its partners provide users with access to a database, in which hotels may place information and prices on rooms available for reservations, and visitors of the website can make such reservations.

When making a reservation through TripMakler you engage in direct legally-binding contractual relationship with the hotel, which you book at. At all times we act only as an intermediary between you and the hotel, sharing your information with the hotel and sending you an electronic notification that on behalf of the hotel.

When providing our services, the information that we disclose is based on the information provided to us by our partners, which in turn get it directly from the hotels. As such, the hotels are fully responsible for updating all rates, availability and other information which is displayed on our website. Therefore, despite all our reasonable care in rendering our services we cannot guarantee that all information is accurate, complete or correct, nor can we be held responsible for any errors in data and interruptions in processing.


TripMakler highly values confidentiality of our users and agrees not to disclose any personal information, save for sharing it with the hotel of your choice to make a reservation or cases required by law. In addition we reserve the right to share your information with our partner companies when the booking process is intermediated by them.

Credit card

Hotels require credit card details in order to guarantee your reservation. As such, we will send your credit card information to the hotel at which your booking is made. A certain amount on your card may be pre-authorized as well. In order to safeguard your credit card information when in transit to us, we use encrypted "Secure Socket Layer (SSL)" protocol.

In the event of credit card fraud or unauthorized use of your credit card by third parties, most banks and credit card companies bear the risk and cover all the charges resulting from such fraud or misuse.

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