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Air Canada

This online forum is only a meeting point for passengers looking to learn more about airlines, bonus programs, miles and related questions. We don’t offer any miles transfer services or guaranty the safety of business relationships you engage with other users you meet on this forum.

Airlines have restrictions for usage and transfer of miles. Please read terms and conditions of your airline bonus program before you engage in any relationships with other people.

And when you are finally in the air – enjoy it! Love of flying unites all of us here.

Looking to buy aeroplan miles7
Last message: laura • 08:41 AM 02/16/2023
Aeroplan miles2
Last message: TheArk • 11:22 AM 12/16/2019
I do have Aeroplan i can sell 1.481
Last message: Denito • 02:44 PM 11/07/2017
Aeroplan 150k1
Last message: Hampton1987 • 09:33 AM 09/01/2017
Need 65,000 Air Canada Miles2
Last message: Sethe9 • 01:51 AM 06/04/2017
Cheap Air Canada tickets and miles2
Last message: Drak21 • 12:10 AM 01/30/2017
Sell tickets for 50% of the cost ! Economy and Business class around the world.!1
Last message: Avia-fastservice • 03:18 PM 12/26/2016
Accounts form 80k-500k Air Canada price 0,08CENTS PER MILE1
Last message: George.Teor • 09:38 AM 12/20/2016
Aeroplan miles for sale1
Last message: ddmmil • 05:43 PM 11/27/2016
buying Aeroplan1
Last message: isaacgoof • 12:00 PM 11/22/2016
air ticket needed1
Last message: dm4lyf • 09:35 AM 10/02/2016
Selling Aeroplan Miles 1.1Cent Per Mile2
Last message: sachpmo • 11:00 AM 09/29/2016
Want to buy Aeroplan Miles2
Last message: bermudatours • 03:02 AM 05/08/2016
Buying Aeroplan Miles at 1.3 cents / mile1
Last message: ionlyflyfirstclass • 07:04 AM 08/30/2014
Buying Aeroplane miles1
Last message: DARREN • 04:20 PM 08/28/2014

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