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Selling 15900 Turkish air miles

Maxbilly  •  Messages: 1  •  Years on forum: 6.3 01:05 PM 09/05/2017
I've got 15900 Turkish miles and smiles for sale. Contact me if interested

SimLeo  •  Messages: 2  •  Years on forum: 5.2 04:38 PM 10/05/2018
Do you still have miles for sale?

Ycisaaco  •  Messages: 2  •  Years on forum: 4.8 01:16 AM 02/17/2019
Hello Maxbilly,

I got some trouble in my hometown so that I need miles to fly to other country. I still need 20000 miles. Hope you can transfer some miles to me now and I pay you back when everything is settled. Any amount is appreciated. If you have any question, feel free to ask me.

Isaac Cheng

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