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Air France Points for sale

Pointsman  •  Messages: 7  •  Years on forum: 3.8 07:30 AM 01/21/2015
Hi, I have over 356,213 AF points for sale. PM me your best offers

Nell  •  Messages: 8  •  Years on forum: 3.8 04:44 PM 01/21/2015
dont buy from guys like this one. Its all scam.
Never pay via bank wire and only release the funds after you have flown! These guys are selling shady miles from hacked accounts.

bermudatours  •  •  Messages: 59  •  Years on forum: 4.3 01:03 AM 01/23/2015
cool...they r known wt their deals

dale  •  Messages: 186  •  Years on forum: 3.4 04:17 PM 06/27/2015
Do you still have miles for sell ,we are interested in buying them.We pay instant securely by paypal. Let me know if you are interested.Email me

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